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Important Information for Betting on Over/Under Penalty Shootouts

One of the favorite choices for football betting enthusiasts is the over/under penalty bet. Playing over/under penalty bets requires extensive knowledge and strategies to increase the chances of winning. Wintips will summarize the relevant information about this type of bet in the article below.

Overview of Over/Under Penalty Bet

Not every football match requires penalty shootouts to determine the winner. The appearance of over/under penalty bets in a tournament is quite rare compared to regular bets. Therefore, each appearance of this type of bet is enthusiastically welcomed by the football betting community. Although it is a side bet, it has created winning opportunities for many players. So, don’t hesitate to place a bet when you see it on the odds board.

According to the rules, each penalty shootout session consists of 5 penalty kicks, with each team taking turns to determine the winner. If the match is still undecided after the 5 penalty kicks, the shootout continues with additional kicks.

In over/under penalty bets, players need to predict the total number of successful penalty kicks by both teams. Reputable bookmakers will set the odds before the penalty shootout process ends. Based on these odds, players can make the best choices.

Besides over/under penalty bets, there are bets on the total number of penalty kicks taken and the number of successful penalty kicks. Bookmakers offer odds for various types of penalty shootout bets, such as:

Betting on the score of the penalty shootout

Betting on which team will take the first penalty

Betting on which team will win the penalty shootout

Betting on the number of successful penalty kicks in the match

And many other types of bets

How to Accurately Calculate Over/Under Penalty Bets

The following example from Wintips will help players fully and accurately understand how to calculate over/under penalty bets. Most top bookmaker 100 have similar calculation methods for this type of bet.

Suppose a bookmaker offers odds of 0.95 for 7 penalty kicks, and the over/under penalty line is 7.5 kicks. If a player places a 100K bet on the Over, the possible outcomes are:

If the number of penalty kicks taken in the match is more than 7, the player betting on Over will win with the winnings being the product of the bet amount and the odds. Specifically, 100K x 0.95 = 95K, so the player will receive 100K + 95K = 195K.

If the number of penalty kicks taken in the match is less than 7, the player betting on Over will lose their entire 100K bet. This simple calculation method makes over/under penalty bets easy to understand and remember.

Factors for Analyzing Over/Under Penalty Bets

Experienced football bettors have several factors to accurately analyze and make high-probability betting decisions for this type of bet. Players can rely on the following factors:

Penalty-Kicking Ability of the Players: The players taking the penalties face the goalkeeper, so their ability and success rate in penalty kicks need to be researched and analyzed. Information on players’ penalty success rates is easily found on sports websites or betting analysis sites. Wintips provides detailed information to help players in this regard.

Psychological Pressure: Psychological pressure also affects the success rate of penalty kicks. The home team usually has an advantage in these decisive moments.

Goalkeeper Performance: Besides players, the goalkeeper's performance significantly impacts the outcome of penalty shootouts. A good goalkeeper can make accurate saves, whereas a weaker one can lead to less favorable outcomes. Therefore, assessing the goalkeeper’s form is crucial when choosing this bet.

In major tournaments, the main goalkeeper usually performs well, making the analysis challenging. However, there are still differences in experience, and players who spend time analyzing can make more objective judgments.

Best Time to Place Over/Under Penalty Bets

Luck plays a significant role in this type of bet. To increase the winning rate, players should choose the appropriate time to place their bets. According to Wintips, experienced bettors often place their bets during the initial penalty kicks.

This is when the players' abilities and psychological pressure are most apparent. Successful initial kicks can relieve psychological pressure for subsequent players, making them more likely to succeed in the following penalty kicks.

Important Notes When Playing Over/Under Penalty Bets

Read the Odds Carefully: Ensure you understand the odds provided by the free bookmaker bets to avoid any misunderstandings.

Collect and Analyze Information: Gather detailed information and analyze it before making your final decision and determining your stake.

Understand the Rules: Although the bet is simple, understanding the bookmaker's rules is essential to avoid mistakes that could lead to losses.

Avoid Crowd Mentality: Make betting decisions based on accurate analysis rather than crowd influence.

Manage Your Funds: Use a scientific approach to managing your funds, selecting reasonable stakes for each bet. Avoid chasing losses with emotional betting.

Bet for Entertainment: Treat penalty shootout bets as a form of entertainment to enhance the excitement of watching football matches, rather than as a money-making tool due to the high element of luck involved.

Choose a Reputable Bookmaker: Selecting a reputable bookmaker ensures fair, transparent payouts and protects your personal information.

With this information, we hope you will have a successful over/under penalty betting experience. Visit Wintips for more information on various penalty bets and useful insights for your football betting analysis.


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