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Young Family

What's your story? 

Life Lyrics Music Therapy

Creative Arts Therapy

Everyone has a story: find joy in strengthening relationships and communicating through music

I'm Laura, Thanks for visiting me here! 

I service caretakers and children of all ages and abilities, aiding growth in communicative language to promote further understanding of oneself, others, and the world. 

Are you a caregiver or parent who puts energy, time, and love into taking care of your child? Do you feel a weight on your shoulders when selecting care for your child, in knowing that you want to give them everything and anything? My clients are families and children like this, searching to gain independence, grow, and connect with others despite any milestone, illness, or disability.


My clients are looking to further engage with others, feel more understood, and interact more joyfully in life. Regardless of selfless efforts seeing your child function in the world, specifically with a developmental disorder or an acute/chronic life illness, can be challenging! There is no doubt that children share joy, but they also need support.  

I am here to help you and your child grow within this ever-evolving world.

“There’s something in music which is obviously beyond language itself. It’s communication in its purest form.”  

-Matthew Bellamy 


I can help your child discover a deeper sense of self and freedom in who they are. I will also support relationships by bridging communication gaps and strengthening connection. 

Happy Baby
Happy Dad

Life Lyrics

Your child deserves to feel confident, comfortable, and able to communicate with others. You also deserve to build deeper relationships with your child. Music can be a great language for communication.


My practice is online, conducted through a HIPPA-compliant tele-health protected platform. I also make home visits, which you can inquire about. 


If you are ready to create deeper relationships with your child, inquire about your music therapy session now.

Mother of newborn

"During music therapy I felt more connected to my baby. He was calm, alert, and smiled more than he had in one week. Music therapy is truly amazing!"

Mother of 1 year old boy

"My son has had wonderful experiences with Laura in music therapy! He's 

enthusiastic, focused and joyful. Through Laura's patient and supportive guidance in each session, my child participates in exploring and responds to her direction through his engagement within music."  

Family Practitioner 

Physician, MD

"Music Therapy has been the light of hope for many of my patients through the most difficult of circumstances ."

Music Class
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