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Life Lyrics

To be "lyrical" has been defined as expressing emotions in an imaginative and beautiful way (Oxford Languages, 2021). Some songs have actual lyrics that express the tone or message which the writer may want to share. Even without lyrics, individuals can also process and share emotions through music. Music can help to bridge communication gaps within inner feelings and interactions with others. 


Each individual has a unique path and way of communicating with others, especially when faced with some challenges. Life Lyrics' Mission is to find what works for your child and discover how to enhance communication skills, in order to strengthen relationships and live the most fulfilling and best quality of life. 


Life Lyrics Music Therapy can verbally and non-verbally assist children and families of all abilities. Services are provided while considering individualized goals towards furthering developmental milestones and expanding family communication. Within music therapy sessions, one will learn life skills through music.

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