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Laura Joy Florio, MA, LCAT, MT-BC

I am currently accepting new clients in Connecticut and New York State.

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I was raised in the suburbs amongst the trees, so my favorite season is Fall--isn't there something wonderful about leaves turning colors, sweater weather, and the smell of the crisp air and apple cider donuts?!


I am a family-oriented, married, Broadway-loving female who enjoys a balanced lifestyle. I love attending social events as well as honoring quiet days for relaxation. I like to stay organized with my carefully hand-picked planner and many, many  "to-do" lists. I love being with people, especially those that accept and embrace my “crazy” side. By that I mean, those that can tolerate the random jingles I create from my stream of thoughts...while I dance around my living room.

Joy is my middle name...and I've taken that name seriously. I search to find joy in every day and remember that kindness does amplify! 


Living in the Big Apple City has reminded me to appreciate the little things in life, such as cup of hot coffee on the terrace during my day off. I have learned to live more present in the moment throughout my most recent personal explorations. I also embrace that life is about the journey and not just about its outcomes.


Furthermore, I continue to practice gratitude each day, to better relationships with myself and others in my life. Becoming a music psychotherapist has allowed me to live passionately and discover more joy in life. This is why I want to share it with you! 


Find your story, make your connections!

Kids bring Joy! I feel so blessed to experience the bright light that children in our communities share with me every day. They are thoughtful, genuine, each unique, and personable. They have energy, personality, and share laughter. They remind us what life allows, by the innate knowledge they have about how to live. 

​My extensive experience throughout many locations in working with children, has informed me to use a great amount of empathy while practicing with a strength-based approach and humanist view.  

During my past experience, I noticed such a need for this service right within our everyday communities. I noticed how important it is for everyone to have the opportunity to participate in music therapy services, specifically touching upon individualized goals and relationships. This is why I wish to offer personalized services to those who are ready for connection, joy, and family fulfillment!

Kids with Capes
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